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[PeerLibrary dev] Some ideas how to contribute

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  • From: Mitar < >
  • To: PeerLibrary development < >
  • Subject: [PeerLibrary dev] Some ideas how to contribute
  • Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 01:02:48 -0700


I know that it is hard to get the feeling what is more or less important
from all the tickets and milestones, so I brainstormed few ideas what I
think could be good ways to contribute to PeerLibrary development. Some
things are quite tricky, though.

- implement user notifications (so that if somebody replies to your
annotation you get feedback) (I will probably start working on this soon)
- move to Meteor Blaze (we are still using old rendering engine)
- upgrade PDF.js to newest version
(, this should be more or
less straightforward, they did change API for text extraction, so we
would have to adapt this on the client (where we use it for selection)
and server (where we use it for full text search), they claim they also
fixed that all errors are reported through promises, so our hacks of
intercepting console.log could be maybe removed
- I optimized a bit loading time, but we could further analyze if we can
remove things, we have some dead code and libraries we are not using or
have them multiple times in
- check unnecessary rerenderings and optimize (maybe we should first
wait for transition to new rendering engine), we have
settings-debug.json available which colors everything which is
rerendered so you can observe what is happening
- try to use pdf2htmlEX instead of PDF.js
- upgrade Scribe to new version + we opened few GitHub tickets which are
waiting on our feedback + improve the way of doing links (currently it
is really hard to replace content of the link without)
- change how highlights are done (so that they don't have authors)
- change how collections are done
- improve how highlights are drawn
- if PDF has existing annotations when imported, we should convert them
to our annotations, and strip PDF of them when caching
- allow downloading the PDF with embedded annotations (because otherwise
currently it is hard to export annotations or print the publication)
- normalize the PDF on the server (reorder the text layer so that it
works better when selecting)
- zoom, page rotation, support PDFs with various page sizes
- create Docker images for PeerLibrary and dependencies
- math mode in editor
- we have logo, we need business cards now
- when one focus a highlight or annotation we should improve how we show
that and we should scroll to it
- we have to create a whitepaper explaining the idea behind PeerLibrary,
annotate it, and then have it as an example
- we improved how text selection is done in PDF.js and this should be
sent upstream (
- integration of ElasticSearch for full-text search

If you are interested in anything of this, say and I can tell a bit more.



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