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[PeerLibrary dev] UI._templateInstance() and data locality

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  • From: Nico Schlömer < >
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  • Subject: [PeerLibrary dev] UI._templateInstance() and data locality
  • Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 15:00:25 +0200

Hi all,

we've played around a little with Meteor in the past days and getting
more and more familar with the infrastructure. It's going up and down
a little bit, but I guess this is what you can expect when learning
something new. :)

One of the things that are a constant source of problems is the fact
that Meteor used to encourage devs to store many things in global
variables (like the Session). They are so easy to use! However, this
makes it hard to cleanly implement things like two search queries
(like an @-user-search in the comment box for example). Luckily, other
people had similar problems [1,2].
Meteor's solution are template UI's -- not pretty, but it works. On
[3], we played around a little and found it quite okay to work with.

Would you guys think this is a design pattern that is appropriate for
peerlibrary as well? The obvious benefits include a leaner and meaner
Session variable.



  • [PeerLibrary dev] UI._templateInstance() and data locality, Nico Schlömer, 08/22/2014

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