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[PeerLibrary dev] Funding and future of PeerLibrary

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  • From: Mitar < >
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  • Subject: [PeerLibrary dev] Funding and future of PeerLibrary
  • Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2014 04:27:27 -0700


Along with the happy news of 0.3 release I also have some sad news. We
ran out of funding we had so we cannot pay anymore two full time
developers we have/had. So I would like to take the opportunity to
Matej, Marin and Vjekoslav, who contributed a lot and really pushed the
project further. Thank you.

But this also opens a question of project's future. We have to together
decide how to continue. The project is too big and with large scope and
I cannot do it myself. I am already more or less on the verge of burning
out, so we have to start thinking about:

- who would be willing to contribute to its development more or less
- who would be willing to help write grants and search for other funding
- who would help with other non-programing tasks like promoting the
project around, talking to professors and students, getting them to use
PeerLibrary, collecting feedback and so on, if we start getting users
and content, it will be easier to convince funders

This is a cry for help to the wider community who gathered around
PeerLibrary. All those who are just observing the project, who would
like to help, but haven't yet, who did in the past, but don't anymore.
Now is opportunity to step up. There are 31 people on this list alone.

I really see PeerLibrary as a project which has a similar potential to
Wikipedia. Who would believe that "common" people could write
encyclopedia together. And who believe that they would be interested in
academic papers. But in my view this is where things have to go. The
only issue is that there is quite some growth still needed until then.

Let's make it together!

If you would like to share something around, we have this blog post:



  • [PeerLibrary dev] Funding and future of PeerLibrary, Mitar, 09/01/2014

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